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Kasugayama Primary Forest

Kasugayama Primary Forest is known for its unique location,
very close to the city area of Nara.


It is designated as a special national natural treasure
with Yakushima's ancient cider forest and Nopporo Primeval Forest in Hokkaido,
as well as a part of UNESCO's world heritage site "Historic Monuments of Ancient Nara".

This ancient forest has been untouched and well preserved
for more than one thousand years as a sacred area of Kasuga Shrine,
because logging and hunting have been prohibited since the 9th century.

The forest has been deeply connected with the locals since ancient times.
They refer to it affectionately as " Kasuga's forest" .

Those people's feelings of closeness and respect passed down from ancient times,
might be a key to preserve the old growth forest for a long time.

As it stretches out very next to the city district, you will find the north entrance of foot path
soon after a short walking to the east from Kasuga Shrine.


Some people enjoy bird watching and tree observation because of the unique ecosystem
with more than 800 spices including giant cider, Ichii oak tree, wild Nagi and rare birds.

Sound of birds fluttering and stream flow are music to our ears in the silence of the wood.


Sunlight filtering through foliage pouring upon giant trees seems
to reveal eternal time they spent and creates sacred ambient.


Rich textures of trees and wriggling roots grab the ground,



Fresh young leaves looks almost translucent with sun light in this season.

The forest simultaneously appeals to our all senses.

DSC_0479 c.jpg

One of the foot paths connects to the summit of Mt. Wakakusa,
adjacent to the premeval forest.

The scenery suddenly changes when reaching there.

You will find widely open area with soft contours covered with grass.

From there, you can overlook the virgin forest and the city district.



The unique landscape tells us Nara has developed
in harmony with shrines, temples, sacred mountains and civilization.

Mt. Wakakusa has the first station, the second and the top.

From the top, you see people and deer resting on each soft ridge line.

The view is quite relaxing.


We recommend the footpath to feel the ancient forest.

You might feel refreshing in both mind and body.

We can propose suitable walking routes depending on your time and feelings.

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