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Nara Uchiwa

Nara Uchiwa is a local specialty, fan with delicate fretwork.


This is also listed as one of traditional handicrafts in Nara.

Depicted Nara's scenery like deer, wisteria flower and historical patterns,
Nara Uchiwa has been one of popular souvenirs.

Nara Uchiwa originates in a tool of charm with firm and practical looking
around the mid 8th century.

In the middle of Edo period (18th century), fan with fretwork appeared
for the first time.

Since then, the technique and refined taste are highly appreciated.

Nara Uchiwa has five different colours - white, brown, blue, yellow and red.
The colours come from the Theory of Yin Yang and the Five Elements.


Fans are made all by hands.

There are 13procedures, including paper carving on a bundle of 20 papers
that requires expert skills.

Light bamboo structure bows widely and create a little comfortable wind.

How would you like to stroll around Naramachi with this fan?


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