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Tea Ceremony Experience


We offer tea ceremony experience at a traditional Japanese house in Naramachi,
a histric district of Nara city.

Date and time / April 5th (fri), 2024

Hosted by Mushakoji Senke Kankyuan Torii Myosho, a certificated instractor

Venue/ Naramachi south tourist information center, Shika no fune Mayu

Fee/ 5,000yen (
pay on the day at the reception
*Fee includes 2bowls of matcha tea, 2kinds of wagasi, Japanese traditionl sweets
and English translation

For booking and enquiries, email at

Experience includes tasting matcha and wagashi sweets,
instruction on basic manners and essential etiquette,
watching the host performance to making tea and etc..

Enjoy wabisabi, a Japanese aesthetic and spiritual concept,
deeply rooted in Japanese culture, in a more relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Japanese tea ceremony is believed to have its roots with Murata Jukō
born in Nara at the 15th century, and also a process of seeking peace in your mind.

*Venue is a tatami mat room in the first floor. Chairs are available upon request.




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